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Why Chewing Vegetables is So Good for Your Oral Health

Posted on 3/20/2017 by Lemond Hunter
A collection of fruits and vegetables beside each other.
Vegetables are good for your oral health, but they get a bad rap, especially by children.

Mention vegetables and you get funny faces from children that expresses their displeasure at the thought of eating them. But vegetables can be fun, can't they?

Celery with peanut butter or cream cheese certainly tastes good. Carrots in a dip are generally delicious. Even by themselves they aren't the worst thing you can taste. In spite of the fact that they have a bad reputation they are probably some of the best foods you can eat to help with your dental health.

Good dental health isn't all about brushing and flossing. Like any other vital part of your body, your teeth are affected both negatively and positively by what you eat.

The Body's Cleaning Technique
You may think that if you don't brush or floss nothing will be done to clean your teeth. Food will sit on them and the bacteria will begin its work turning the food particles into substances that will begin to decay your teeth.

The thing is, your body doesn't sit idly by and just let your teeth decay without doing something to prevent it.

Your body produces saliva. Yes, we all know what it is. But many people don't realize that the saliva is produced and is used by your body to rinse your teeth.

Perhaps you've noticed if you take medication that dries your mouth out that your teeth seem to be less clean during the day. You may notice a residue on them. Well, that is because you aren't producing sufficient saliva for your body to do its job.

Advantages of Crunchy Vegetables

Enter crunchy vegetables on stage left. Crunchy vegetables like celery, carrots, and cucumbers make your teeth work to break them down small enough for you to swallow them.

This vigorous chewing stimulates the saliva production in your mouth. In addition, the chewing action literally scrapes the dental plaque on your teeth, possibly dislodging it sufficiently to allow the saliva to wash it away.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about vegetables effects on your oral health.

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