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The Damage That Can Come from Sucking on Candies and Cough Drops

Posted on 10/15/2017 by Lemond Hunter
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Anything hard in the mouth can cause problems later on. Whether it is candy, cough drops, suckers and more. Anything that is hard in the mouth can cause damage. For instance, hard candies can cause broken teeth and sugar decay.

Learn more about the dangers of hard candies and cough drops to find out if they're worth sucking on for long, regular periods of time.

Dangers of Hard Candy and Cough Drops

Hard candy and cough drops are not only a choking hazard to some, but they can do damage to the teeth. When you bite down on them, this can cause damage to the inside and outside layers of the teeth. It can break through the enamel and cause further issues with decay.

When you eat these hard candies, they're also leaving sugar coatings on the outside of the teeth. This can wear the enamel down with time. This causes the tooth enamel to wear down and if the person does not rinse or brush their teeth after eating these hard pieces of candy, then they may find that they have more cavities than an average person does.

Always make sure to clean the mouth out after eating or drinking anything sugary. You want to remove the sugar from the outside of the teeth to keep them in the best shape possible.

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