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"Types of Problems That Fall Under the Category of Dental Emergencies"

Posted on 5/20/2018 by Lemond Hunter
Dental Emergencies Hunter Dental Care OR 97230-1914Do you know the difference between a dental problem and a dental emergency? Some issues, even those that are somewhat painful, may be something you can deal with for a few days until you can schedule an appointment with us.

Other issues, though, qualify as a dental emergency. If you have one of these emergencies, you need to contact us as soon as you can and set up an appointment.

Be sure you describe the problem as completely as you can, too. We need to know how severe it is, so we can get you in as quickly as we can.

So, what qualifies as a dental emergency?

A Severe Toothache

If your toothache is severe, shooting pain that is so bad you can't function, it's definitely an emergency. You may be in so much pain you can't even concentrate to drive to our office.

In that case, call someone to help you get here. Most people try taking pain medication or using other remedies to control tooth pain. That may help, but if your pain is incredibly severe, don't hesitate to call.

A Tooth Gets Knocked Out or Broken

This is definitely a dental emergency! Call us as soon as possible so we can examine the damage. If you've had a tooth knocked out by an accident, you may need stitches. If your tooth is broken or been knocked loose, we may be able to repair it if you come in as soon as you can.

Your Mouth Is Severely Swollen

Severe swelling in the face can be a sign of a major dental issue. If your face is swollen so much that it's hard to open your mouth or incredibly painful to swallow, you need care right away.

Any time you feel like something major is wrong with your mouth, teeth, or gums, don't hesitate to call us. You know your body and the signals it gives you. Don't hesitate to call with any concerns you have.
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