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Dental Implant FAQ Portland OR

Dentist speaking with beautiful Black patient about dental implants from Hunter Dental Care in Portland, OR When patients receive a diagnosis of gum disease or they have been dealing with significant tooth loss over a period of years, it can be daunting trying to figure out what to do.

Everyone has heard the terrible stories about traditional dentures and while they are an inexpensive option, no one wants to have to deal with the slippage problems or dealing with messy adhesives to keep them in place. Dental veneers, crowns, or dental bridges may not be an alternative for your tooth loss.

While some have thought about getting dental implants, they may be nervous about making the decision not knowing what the procedure involves. Patients should contact us with their questions so we can provide the answers they need. Our office is Hunter Dental Care. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

Dental Implant Information

All things considered, when looking for artificial teeth options, dental implants are an excellent choice.
There are a great deal of benefits of dental implants such as restoring your confidence. While most people fail to realize that dental implants are not a single piece but rather made up of three different sections. The first piece is the implant and is the section which is drilled into the physical jawbone to provide a good base. The second component is known as the abutment and is screwed into the implant providing the foundation for the final section known as the crown. The crown is the only section of the three-part implant which can be seen above the gumline.

Placement Procedure

It should be noted that while the results are startling in some cases, the procedure of getting dental implants placed can take quite a few appointments and be rather expensive.
During the first appointment, staff will assess and evaluate the patient’s oral cavity situation and determine if dental implants are a sensible solution for them. Following the assessment, it may be determined that there needs to be several other procedures to prepare the mouth to receive the dental implants. Some of those procedures may involve gum or bone grafts or single or multiple tooth extractions.

Different Types of Dental Implants

There are a few different types of dental implants.
An endosteal implant is the most used of all implants. These are embedded into the upper and lower jaw allowing ample time for the gums to heal over the top of them. This can take considerable time but is necessary. Once healed, the abutment is attached to the implant and the crown is placed. This can act as a support for a single tooth replacement or as a partial or full denture.

When there is a decided lack of supportive bone mass, there is another type of implant chosen. It is called a subperiosteal implant and incorporates a metal framework which is placed on the top of the jawbone. Given time this framework will become fused to the bone, offering a supportive framework to which other dental appliances can be placed. While the implant process might sound complicated, they are performed regularly without incident and are a common procedure for dentists. For those patients interested in getting dental implants and who have questions why not come to our office to get the answers.

If you have any questions about whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants, call our office today. Our dentists are available at (503) 256-3737.


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Dental Implant FAQ Portland OR • Hunter Dental Care
At Hunter Dental Care, we provide dental implants for patients who are missing teeth. For those who have questions, we created an FAQ page in Portland, OR.
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