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Scaling and Root Planing Portland OR

A mouth that has just had Scaling and Root Planing performed at Hunter Dental Care in Portland, ORMaintaining a good oral hygiene routine is essential for keeping your mouth happy and healthy. This routine involves daily brushing and flossing at home along with twice yearly dental visits for cleanings and exams. When you are lax in your oral care, skip out of the occasional flossing session, or do not have your teeth regularly cleaned and examined, your risk for gum disease increases significantly. If gum disease does develop, treatment is required as soon as possible. However, the early stages of gum disease are not always noticeable, and the disease progresses. The longer gum disease goes untreated, the worse it becomes. At Hunter Dental Care, we can help to treat your gum disease, restoring your oral health, with scaling and root planing.

How Does Gum Disease Progress?

Gum disease occurs when oral bacteria build up in your mouth and attack your gum tissue. The tissue becomes irritated, which triggers an inflammatory response from the immune system. The gums then begin to swell. If this early stage of gum disease goes untreated, which frequently occurs because it is barely noticeable, the swollen tissue begins to pull away from the teeth. Pockets form and bacteria fall below the gum line. Bacteria then attack your periodontal ligaments and your jawbone, along with your gum tissue. Eventually, these structures begin to weaken. The gums recede, the teeth become loose, and they may even fall out.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

Before making your treatment plan, we first conduct a thorough oral exam. We take a look at your mouth, analyzing the buildup on your teeth. We measure your periodontal pockets. We also take digital X-rays, which allow us to see the damage below the gum line. This exam will help us to determine if scaling and root planing, or another course of action, is the best solution for your needs.

Scaling and root planing is essentially a deep cleaning of your mouth. It is designed to remove all buildup from all surfaces of your teeth, including the roots. With your teeth clean, the gums can begin to heal and reattach to your teeth.

The procedure begins with scaling. This involves the use of a specialized scaler. We can effectively remove all buildup from the visible surfaces of your teeth. Special care is given around and just below the gum line. We can eliminate plaque, tartar, bacteria and other debris from your teeth, which not only cleans the teeth but also alleviates irritation to the gum tissue. After scaling, we move on to root planing. This procedure involves cleaning plaque, bacteria, and toxins from the roots of your teeth, smoothing their surfaces. This smoothing helps to prevent new buildup from accumulating. Finally, an antibacterial wash is used to kill any lingering bacteria that may be lurking below the gum line.

What are the Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing offers several benefits.

•  Removal of even the most stubborn buildup from your teeth.
•  The procedure is minimally invasive and does not require surgery.
•  The irritation of your gums is eased, and swelling is reduced.
•  The growth of bacteria is stopped.
•  Your gum tissue can begin to heal and reattach itself to your teeth, which helps to restore your oral health.

Gum disease is a serious oral health issue that requires treatment immediately. Scaling and root planing can help to clean the surfaces of your teeth and their roots, giving your gums an opportunity to heal. Call Hunter Dental Care today to schedule your consultation and find out if scaling, and root planing is right for you at (503) 256-3737.


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