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Tooth Extraction Portland, OR

Tooth extractions by dentist in Portland, OR.Hunter Dental Care knows that it can be quite intimidating to hear that you need to have a tooth extracted. Will it hurt? How does it work? Is it necessary? So many questions run through our patient’s minds, and we hear them every day. Because it is such a big concern for people, we’ve formulated some FAQ’s that can help you understand what you are getting into with this procedure and hopefully soothe some of your nervousness or anxiety on the subject. Be sure to remember that you are in very capable and very experienced hands, and we will take the best care of you.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction, or getting your tooth pulled, is when a problematic tooth is surgically removed to retain your oral health, prepare for orthodontic procedures, or for cosmetic purposes.

Why do I Need a Tooth Pulled?

Getting a tooth pulled can be a necessary procedure for many reasons. For restorative purposes, a tooth could be pulled because decay has gone deep within the tooth or because of an irreparable fissure or fracture. This could also be a solution for periodontal disease which has resulted in bone loss. This can loosen or break a tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth should also be removed, as they can alter the placement of your other teeth and can cause pain and discomfort over time.

Teeth that grow at improper angles or are just poorly functioning should often be replaced by bridges or Crowns as well to maintain the integrity of your teeth and limit the risk of improper bite force or further damage. Teeth may also be pulled for orthodontic purposes. If you need braces, for example, but your teeth are too crowded, we may pull a tooth to accommodate for your teeth respecting themselves.

How Does the Procedure Work?

We will make the area numb to start off, or we will sedate you, whichever makes you the most comfortable. This will ensure no pain during the procedure. Then, we will use specifically designed tools to rock the tooth from the socket gently until everything holding it in place loosens their hold. If the tooth breaks or does not let go, it may require surgery, which involves cutting the gums to loosen the tooth. Then, once the tooth is removed, we will stitch the area up and give you instructions on keeping it clean, keeping it from being disturbed while healing, and managing discomfort.

We Ensure Your Comfort!

The procedure itself does not hurt at all. Our experienced professionals will make sure that you are comfortable in our care. In the days following the procedure, you may experience some mild discomfort. This pain can be managed with over-the-counter medication such as Advil or Tylenol. If there is significant pain lasting longer than a day or two, or severe bleeding lasting equally as long, be sure to call us and return as soon as possible.

Hunter Dental Care cares about your well being and will discuss any possible concerns you may have with you. We want to help you feel as informed as possible and reassure you that you are in the best hands. Give us a call today!

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