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Tooth Filling Portland OR

Woman smiling about her new tooth colored fillings by Hunter Dental Care in Portland, OR.When a patient has tooth decay, it is crucial to ensure you visit us for a dental exam early before further damage and, worst-case scenario, tooth loss. Our professionals at Hunter Dental Care are experienced and well-trained to help you avoid deterioration (and potential tooth extraction) of your oral health caused by tooth decay. That's why fillings are recommended to seal the cavity in the tooth, alleviating the risk of infection and subsequent pain. Although tooth fillings can cause slight discomfort, patients are guaranteed a pain-free procedure. If you experience severe or moderate pain during and after the filling procedure, you should let the dentist know.

Types of Fillings

We guarantee our patient's top-notch dental care customized to satisfy their preference in terms of aesthetics and diversity. A common filling used to treat a cavity is an amalgam filling, which is made of different mixed metals. The metal ingredients include mercury, copper, and tin, making them perfect for the back molars because of their enhanced durability.

For patients who prefer something less conspicuous, we recommend composite fillings. These filings are tooth-colored and are made of glass and resin, giving them a more natural appearance. Another tooth-colored tooth filling is glass ionomer, which comprises pieces of glass that bond with the teeth. These glass pieces are designed to release fluoride, which plays a vital role in preventing decay from causing further damage.

If you are looking for something dazzling and unique, we recommend gold fillings. The material used to produce these fillings is an alloy of gold, copper, and other materials that make it effective. There's no doubt that gold fillings are the most expensive, but the enhanced durability, aesthetics, and uniqueness offset the price.

What to Expect During the Procedure

A filling procedure is usually an in-office procedure recommended for patients of all ages. Patients anxious about the procedure may require general anesthesia or sedation to help them feel at ease. We can also help you with pertinent information depending on the state of your teeth before the procedure starts.

Depending on the specific filling location, our dentist will determine the most suitable technique and filling material to use. Regardless of the filling you receive, our dental experts usually start by applying a numbing gel to the gums. Once the gel takes effect, a local anesthetic is injected into the gums.

The dentist proceeds to drill or use a specialized tool to remove decayed areas of the tooth before filling the hole that is remaining. After all that is done, we will polish the filling and make necessary adjustments to ease normal oral function like biting. Patients who have composite fillings used require it to be hardened using a special dental light. When needed, we will also install a dental crown over teeth that have suffered damage or decay.

Aftercare and Recovery

Patients can expect minor discomfort or soreness, but we will prescribe the appropriate medication for that. It's advisable to refrain from drinking and eating until the numbing medication subsides to prevent injuring your tongue or the interior of your mouth. It's essential to regularly schedule follow-up appointments with our dental experts at Hunter Dental Care for quality filling services. Contact us at (503) 256-3737 for more information about dental fillings and other dental procedures.


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Although tooth fillings can cause slight discomfort, patients at Hunter Dental Care are guaranteed a pain-free procedure. Call today for more information!
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