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Are There Any Natural Breath Fresheners?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Lemond Hunter
While bad breath usually originates in the mouth, it can also result from a health condition, such as acid reflux disease. The best way to keep breath fresh is to brush and floss at least twice a day. You can also use natural breath fresheners to eliminate mouth odors than just using a breath-freshening mouthwash to conceal the smell. What Normally Causes Bad Breath or Halitosis? Halitosis or bad breath results from sulphur compounds that form from food that either gets stuck between the teeth or are not thoroughly removed from the surface. These compounds lead to a foul-smelling odor. Foods, such a garlic or onions, are notorious for causing bad breath. When they enter the blood stream and lungs, they can emit an odor that is quite unpleasant. To combat this type of problem, you need to follow a regular routine of brushing and flossing. You can also eat certain foods that destroy the bacteria and plaque that lead to bad breath and periodontal disease. What Food or Mouth Rinses Will Naturally Freshen the Breath? According to studies, the chlorophyll in parsley works to deodorize the mouth, thereby freshening it naturally. You can also get rid of sulphur smells by eating pineapple. Just make sure you rinse your mouth after eating the fruit. In addition, milk will erase bad breath as will anise and fennel. You might also think about making a homemade mouth rinse. For example, mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 cup of warm water and rinse 30 seconds. You can also combine 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 1 cup warm water. Bad breath bacteria do not like an acidic environment. Therefore, they cannot thrive for long when a vinegar rinse is used. Gargle for 30 seconds before rinsing your mouth with plain water. If your bad breath does not go away using the natural remedies described above, contact our office for an appointment. Your halitosis may be the result of another underlying dental or health problem. For a professional cleaning and exam, give us a call anytime. We can help you stay on top of any dental concern you may currently have....

Why Is Milk Recommended for Storing a Dislodged Tooth?

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Lemond Hunter
You may have heard that if you ever lose a tooth, you should put it in milk to preserve it until you can get it replaced. You may have also brushed this off as an old wives' tale, but this is isn't a mouth myth. It's actually a tooth truth! However, this isn't the only good advice you should follow after losing a tooth. How Can Milk Save a Tooth? When a tooth falls out, we recommend scheduling a visit to our office immediately. In the meantime, the safest place for the life of your tooth is in a vessel containing whole milk. However, another variety of cow's milk may also be good enough to save the tooth. There's a good reason that soaking your tooth in milk is the best option. Unlike water, which can cause your tooth to swell and the roots to break, the protein in milk helps keep the composition of your tooth balanced. This will keep it from dying for a limited amount of time. Whole milk is recommended because it contains more protein than low fat or skim milk. How Can I Restore My Lost Tooth? As already noted, you want to call our office for emergency dental services as soon as you lose a tooth. This is because a lost tooth has the best chance of surviving if you can get it replaced within 30 minutes. However, a tooth can possibly be saved and re-implanted up to an hour after you lose it. Once you make it into our office, we will try to affix your tooth back into the socket with dental adhesive and/or try to reconnect your tooth's roots to the jawbone. Although the crown, roots, and nerves can remain healthy enough to re-implant, there are times when these may be too damaged. In such a case, we will recommend another restoration treatment, such as a dental implant and a replacement crown or bridge made to look and function like your natural teeth. Contact our office immediately if you lose a tooth for any reason....

Reasons to Replace a Toothbrush Before It Gets Worn Out

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Lemond Hunter
Many people don't replace their toothbrush until it shows visible signs of wear. While this is responsible behavior and should be encouraged, there are other reasons to swap that toothbrush out that may not be as obvious! It Is Loaded With Bacteria The idea of brushing your teeth is to remove harmful bacteria that are clinging to your teeth and so naturally, you don't want your toothbrush to carry said bacteria! There are different ways a toothbrush can accumulate bacteria and one of the most common is improper storage that allows bacteria from the toilet to cling to an exposed toothbrush. The next is allowing someone else's toothbrush to touch yours. And finally, brushing while sick. If you suspect that your toothbrush has been contaminated, it is best to swap it out! It Is Low Quality If you are using the absolute most bottom of the barrel toothbrush, you may be doing your mouth a disservice! Many ultra-cheap toothbrushes use hard bristles that are harmful to your enamel. The recommended bristle is a soft, rounded type; this is more than enough to properly clean your teeth. Many like to brush as if they are removing dried food off of dishes, but teeth require a gentle approach. The Toothbrush Does Not Feel Right When Using It On top of the bristle type, ergonomics play a role in the quality of a toothbrush. Many modern toothbrushes are opting for a diamond-shaped head which provides an easier clean by letting you reach the hard-to-get areas without trouble. An ADA accepted toothbrush can be found pretty much anywhere, and we recommend that one of them be your daily toothbrush of choice! For Help Picking Out a Toothbrush, Call Us! If you would like to see how your oral health is currently doing, please don't be afraid to schedule an appointment by calling our office! Part of a healthy mouth is keeping up to date on its condition....

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